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Unity Asset: Medieval Environment

An extensive package containing tons of prefabs ideal for creating medieval environment, fantasy scenery and more. A large number of trees, rocks, etc.. allows you to create beautiful northern environment. The collection includes: 70 prefabs to create modular buildings - addons such as stalls, barrels, carts, fences. This pack is ideal for creating next-gen medieval environment, fantasy scenery and more The collection includes: 5 building prefabs -3 props prefabs -4 tile textures -2 ground tile textures stones prefabs - all textures in Contact us: @ This is a combination bundle package featuring a select few of my packs! This not only features the 3 M.E. Kits in the series, but also a couple others for added details and scenery! Textures at both res and res. With over modular prefabs included! These 5 packages included give this bundle a value of $

This is complete "Pixel Art" Fantasy/medieval themed platform environment pack. It contains all elements in separated files as well as sprite-sheets for easier manipulation. All backgrounds are seamless looped to give a parallax effect. Also all tiles fit together to make a seamless platforms. This pack includes an animation. 5 Nov Extension to the Medieval Environment. However the package works independently and doesn't require the basic version of Medieval Environment. Contents: 8 buildings - 42 addons (such as fences, sheds, lamps etc.) - Oak Forest (8 trees, 7 grasses, 4 ground textures). - LoD for all objects - Demo stage. Medieval environment pack free. Click here to get file. Fantasy / medieval environment pack 11, unity3d. I upgraded from free version to pro, and bought some assets from the assets store medieval environment pack and xffect editor pro, they gave me some. Fantasy environment pack unity3d wip. Medieval environment.


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