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$wgUseTeX = true;. to activate texvc functionality. If you are using MediaWiki with IIS then you should replace "REQUEST_URI" with "SCRIPT_NAME" in all files. And finally, set the texvc executable path to the root path of Wiki, by inserting this line in : $wgTexvc = ""; # Location of the texvc binary. After we changed over from Apache to Nginx I found that the texvc binary would no longer produce the PNG file. The binary was being executed properly by shell_exec in , but for some reason would not build the image even though other scripts would run such as for rendering thumbnails etc. I couldn't find. About texvc == texvc takes LaTeX-compatible equations and produces formatted output in HTML, MathML, and (via LaTeX/dvipng) rasterized PNG images. Input data is parsed and scrutinized for safety, and the output includes an estimate of whether the code is simple enough that HTML rendering will look acceptable.

Aug 27, wfEscapeSingleQuotes($wgTexvcBackgroundColor); if (wfIsWindows()) { # Invoke it within cygwin sh, because texvc expects sh features in its default shell #$cmd = 'sh -c '. wfEscapeShellArg($cmd); // Shell isn't necessary, so skip it. First change directory to // the binary, then call with relative. Apr 18, Thanks for reporting! In the specfike I was moving texvc to an arch dependent location (libdir) and was keeping a symlink in the arch independent one (datadir). But I accientially next remove the libdir instead of the datadir contents in the specfile.:/ It was easy to fix (one line) and will soon be available in koji. math rendering plugin for MediaWiki (texvc binary files).

All you need is already on :Enable_TeX:) Let us know if you have any trouble!. Package texvc. artful (web): validates and converts LaTeX expressions into HTML, MathML or PNG [universe] +git amd64 arm64 armhf i ppc64el sx; bionic (web): validates and converts LaTeX expressions into HTML, MathML or PNG [universe] +git amd64 arm64 armhf i Name: mediawiki-math-texvc. Description: math rendering plugin for MediaWiki ( texvc binary files). Latest version: +git Release: trusty (). Level: base. Repository: universe. Homepage: Extension:Math.


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