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When I graduated college in May, , I started working on a new voxel engine called "Voxlap". (For those newbies out there, the word "voxel" is derived from " volume + pixel". It's like a 2D pixel, but in 3D - just a fancy name for a cube.) Most game engines these days use polygons. Polygons and voxels each have their. PND3D Demo and Source Code. The PND3D engine is something I started, really in response to the hype of Unlimited Detail. Then in , Ace of Spades happened, and so I shifted my goal to making a successor to the Voxlap engine. Voxlap's main feature is the More compact file format: *.KVO (Ken's Voxel Octree). So I took a leave of absence to work full time for Apogee. For 3 years I worked on the Build engine. When things quieted down, I returned to college and finished in May Since then, I've worked on many projects, such as Voxlap, Evaldraw, and PNGOUT. For a few years, I advised a computer club at my old high school.

The algorithm is closer to ray-casting than ray-tracing. You can get an explanation from Ken Silverman himself here: /?topic= In short: on a grid, store an rle list of surface voxels for each x,y stack of voxels (if z means. Porting Notes by Ericson Making Ken Silverman's "Voxlap" voxel graphics engine run on any platform with SDL and C++. Build Prerequisites : Build Tools: Option 1. MSVS utilities (nmake, ml, cl); Windows SDK (libs). Option 2. MinGW/GCC; Nasm in %MinGW%/bin. Graphics. Option 1. DirectX SDK (libs). This line of text is sufficient: VOXLAP engine by Ken Silverman ( ken). Make sure it is clearly visible somewhere in your archive. If you wish to release modified source code to your game, please add the following line to each source file changed: // This file has been modified from Ken Silverman's original.

In , Silverman started work on Voxlap, a voxel-driven graphics engine. In addition to the engine, a Voxlap-powered tech demo was produced in cooperation with Tom Dobrowolski. Since , development on the engine has been fairly static - the source code to the engine was released by. VoxelGameDev. subscribeunsubscribe3, readers. 13 users here now. A game dev subreddit for discussing the creation of voxel games, and voxel engines. 29 Nov on: Voxelstein 3d. > The game uses Ken Silverman's VOXLAP engine. > Silverman. Nazi using a game engine developed by a jew? Guidelines | FAQ | Support | API | Security | Lists | Bookmarklet | Legal | Apply to YC | Contact. Search.


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