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Fable 3 modded starter save download

Fable 3 modded starter save

After realising that some Fable 3 saves are incapable of being modded; having contained within them too much information; I decided to create a sort of "perfect" starter save for everyone to enjoy. I have modded it in the correct way and as such it will NEVER corrupt, unless you attempt to remod it. Jun 29, Free Fable 3 Game Save { BEST SAVE EVER MADE } You Will Get - Legendary Weapons - Billions Of Gold - Guild Sels /sxdv6e0bnnk3vsw/Fable+3+Male+ Apr 20, The save starts outside the first room when you start the game; along the walkway with guards. Money - (I suggest that you avoid hitting the mark as things go pear shaped from there on up) Treasury - (same deal.

Oct 14, Xbox Gamesaves escort, Fable 3 Modded Starter Save {Max Cash}, escort in Xbox Gamesaves. Aug 6, For non Jtag/RGH owners you will have to clear your cache on your hard drive for this modded save to work for you as it woes saved with no TU. For Jtag/RGH owners make show you have no TU selected on fsd. MEGA #! UVBTTCxB!LtU7z1NCivaUeV7hCrJY_z0XaTh_uMTgzjruVB8hZBs. Nov 7, Hey guys here is my save. It is at the beginning of the game, in Dweller Camp. What is has: Guild Seals Gold Max Good Morality and SHOULD have mil in Treasury EDIT: Both male and female are.

Nov 4, Here this save includes everything Unlocked and I mean everything [:smiley:] - Tons of gold -All Weapons -All Clothes -All hair and facial hair -Max stats -Max Keys -Max Gnomes Have fun you crazy kids [:smiley:] F. Jun 13, you need two controllers for this. this can be done offline and online 1st play the game on your normal account until you get to the music box or when you get your pistol or rifle 2nd put this save on a second account saves. com/topic/ 3-modded-save/ go to the bottom of the page then. For Fable on the Xbox, GameFAQs has 14 save games. All items (some hacked). Save Game Game Beat on file 1 and 2, All Skills Maxed, Own All Items, Own 42 Buildings, Age 20, Slot #1 Good Guy, Slot #2 Evil Guy, Slot #4 Arena, Slot #5 is at Beginning of game (Hero Guild) start with all items and no quest started.


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