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Minecraft god mode plugin

This plugin was create as a part of 50 lines challenge. It simply implements GodMode (/god). Code (Text). package e; import d; import dExecutor; import org. dSender; import ;. May 6, I'm wanting to make it so when you right click with a Iron sword you get god mode for seconds or you stop any players attacking you how do i do Just thinking setting a player in god mode for 3 seconds would be a lot easier and will need the god code later on in my plugin so if you know what it is. Fair Godmode! Are your players abusing godmode? Do they use it in pvp? Then this plugin is great for you! What is Fair Godmode? Well Fair Godmode is a plugin that allows players full invincibility against PVP,mobs,lava,suffication,ect. Why cant i just use regular godmode? Well regular godmode allows players to hurt.

The plugin for adding Gods to the world of minecraft. torch, you specify a female God (Goddess). Note that when building the first altar for a God, the altars position will be set as the "religion home" and believers can reach it with the / gods home command. .. Whether the server is in offline or online mode. The plugin's. If you are looking for a smaller version of Essentials with faster updates, you need a less resource consuming plugin to support your players, or because you don't want errors thrown at your console constantly, this plugin is for you. Video , Gives access to put others into god mode, /god. I'm having a problem on my server where I can't disable god mode to play in Warzones. So I did some searching to try to understand what was I think I may have another plugin conflicting with WorldGuard's /god command but have no idea which one. My server uses Bukkit and here is my list of mods.

PvPToggle v A simple and lightweight plugin which allows users to toggle PvP Download: Features Configuration file to turn PvP on or off by default Use.


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