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Aug 14, In my case, Applepip Now open text file called active (or ) and type in your COD profile name (again Applepip in my case). If when you open the text file it has $$$ in it, delete that before entering your COD profile name. Now when running World at War or World at War Multiplayer, your. Aug 19, Read this if you can't create a profile! (If you're having trouble with the steps, add EvilKlown or StonerKlown for assistance.) Please post fixes for WaW here, keep in mind that this thread is for fixes not conversation please. (If these steps work for you, awesome! Glad to have been of assistance!) --Edit This is also happening with my game while I am trying to run Call of Duty; World at War on PC. This is quite flustering when I am trying to play Der Reise with my friends, and I am unable to play anything. All of the other programs that were supposed to be downloaded were downloaded and i dont know what.

Mar 4, I don't know what you guys are doing the online functionality of CoD WaW but making a new profile for the game currently breaks and crashes the. Recently my friend and I bought world at war from steam to play custom zombie maps and all that fun stuff. My game loaded fine and all that good stuff but when he tries to create an online profile it loops back to make him create it and keep going. After my recent upgrade to windows 10 has been running almost flawlessly i stumbled upon a issue my cod waw save's were corrupted. Ok i can live with that bu.

i have this game via STEAM, but i couldn't find my profile. im going to reformat my hard drive very soon and i must save my profile before i delete everything or.. i have to restart from rank 1 (currently im at 9th prestige) O_o please help thanks. If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. For Call of Duty: World at War on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Profile Bug Fix(PLEASE STICKY)!".


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