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Examination Description. COMLEX-USA Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) is a problem- and symptom-based assessment, administered in a time-measured environment that integrates the fundamental clinical science disciplines (see listing below) and other areas of medical knowledge relevant to solving clinical problems. The COMLEX-USA Level 2-Performance Evaluation (Level 2-PE) provides an assessment of fundamental clinical skills. These skills are evaluated in the context of 12 clinical encounters and are required to be personally performed with standardized patients as appropriate in a timely, efficient, safe, and effective manner. All osteopathic medical schools require that osteopathic medical students pass the first and second levels of COMLEX-USA to graduate. Level 2-Cognitive Exam (CE) measures your clinical skills and problem-solving techniques over the course of a day-long computerized exam.

29 Jun COMLEX Level 2 CE is a different beast than COMLEX Level 1. Here is what you need to know about preparing and taking the COMLEX Level 2. COMLEX-USA Level 2, taken during the third or fourth year of medical school, consists of two parts: Level 2-Cognitive Evaluation (CE) and Level 2- Performance Evaluation (PE). Level 2-CE requires candidates to demonstrate knowledge of clinical concepts and medical. WOLFPACC is a comprehensive prep course for COMLEX 1, 2 & 3 students. Live lectures, 1 on 1 tutoring, study plan, understand medical concepts, common links between organ systems & learn the How and Why with Dr. Wolf. Call for more details

You're done with Step 1. Congratulations! But you're not done yet. There are plenty more where that came from. Get ready for Step 2-CE. (For the rest of the article, whenever I talk about Step 2, I am referring to CE, the “written” exam.) Remember the saying? It takes 3 months to prepare for Step 1, 3 weeks to prepare to Step. Chances are, Step 2-PE will be your very last COMLEX exam during medical school. Hooray! You're almost at the homestretch, but if you're not careful, this exam could cause you a whole lotta headache. Step 2-PE is supposed to be the easiest of the 4 exams. But it comes with a catch There is only one place you can. 4 Jan In my last post, I laid out my advice for DOs studying for both Step 1 and Level 1 – though it certainly applies to students just studying for one or the other as well. To be honest, much of what makes for a successful Level 2 CE and Step 2 CK experience is the same. That shouldn't be very surprising.


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