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Stargate atlantis online game

It's formatted in Adobe Flash Player 9 it's a game! Escort Rodney McKay around Atlantis as he gathers some power crystals SG1/SGA/SGU - Saving Earth/Atlantis/?, one mission at a time!. I found this online game. They say its "Final Fantasy meets Stargate" Here is the link: 1 Jun Kongregate free online game Stargate - Time to sacrifice - Play as a soldier from Stargate SG1 and destroy all the replicators on the enemy ship. You ar. Play Stargate - Time to sacrifice.

Stargate Worlds was a 3D sci-fi MMORPG from Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment and FireSky based on the popular Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis TV series. Wood takes a look at Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's recent announcement that they would be shelving their MMO in favor of a third person online action game. What features will be there. Multiplayer online game from first person view; Weapons; Uniforms; Multiplayer and singleplayer missions; Team gameplay; Gate dialing and traveling; Special missions; Professions; And many more. 13 Aug Game by lolgirly using the platformer game maker: Welcome, You may have found the City of the Ancients, or aka Atlantis Look around but be warned the floors aren't stable.

5 Apr Stargate: Atlantis Adventures is multiplayer computer game currently in development, that primary simulates life in the city of Atlantis, located in Pegasus galaxy. It will be For those will be necessary to assemble arbitrary team from the online players and then dialing the address from the database. Action · The Atlantis team finds a program in the Atlantis database which throws Mckay and Sheppard into a Simsesque game that could destroy two civilizations in the Pegasus Galaxy.


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