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Infuse wont mms download

Infuse wont mms

When I hit download on messages (even though I have it set to do it on auto) it says downloading but never actually downloads the file. I am on broccoli o. Only problem is the packet data has to be connected in order to recieve (but not send) an MMS. When my packet data is off and I get a MMS, even when I connect it, it wont download the MMS, it just says downloading Yet on my sisters Infuse, as soon as she connects her packet data it downloads every. I bought a Samsung Infuse 4G and cannot get MMS. Internet works great. I added the ST APN just like the website says to. I have the AT&T SIM. I left the default APN's there but selected the ST APN. I would get a notification that I got a MMS but would be presented with a button to download. It would then fail.

The network connection doesn't work properly with my Samsung infuse Android phone. How can I rectify this connection problem?. 21 Dec It won't show up on my i hit something and didn't notice.i don't know! Please help!:eek: I can't receive picture messages and I can only use the internet with WiFi. It also makes .. I have a Samsung Infuse and suddenly today with no warning whatsoever I lost Network connection. I could. 18 Aug My wife and I both have a StraightTalk Galaxy Centura phone, and we are both unable to send text messages with images attached (I assume that is MMS).

30 Jul Called them back again and got it working,,,,,,,,,,,, then it stopped working again. Same thing. The guy had me change the MMS proxy to Everything worked for a while. I made calls sent texts was on the web. Then poof it wont let me make a call. Says this device is blocked from network. 14 Feb In order to watch these videos on your iPhone or iPad, you probably use a third- party app, such as VLC or Infuse. These apps let you play videos in a wide range of formats, and have plenty of useful features for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. However, transferring these videos using iTunes is. 7 Sep Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S4 Can't Download MMS & Other Related Issues. For this particular part we will tackle the #S4 can't download MMS issue which most of our readers seems to be experiencing. This problem is . And don' t worry, we won't charge you a single penny for your questions.


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