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Region simcity 2013

31 Oct Region is where multi-city play occurs. Up to 16 cities can exist in a region. These cities can be controlled by an individual player or multiple players. Cities in a region interact with one another. One city can negatively affect another by spreading its pollution or criminals. It can also positively affect another by. SimCity (). There are 8 different available regions at SimCity ()'s launch . Unlike previous games, regions are not customizable. The largest-sized regions have 16 cities and 4 great works. The other two regions, Cliffside Vista and Endeavor Island, are not available under normal circumstances. The first region. 9 Apr Regions - SimCity: As you establish your city, you may find that you are rich in some elements but poor in others. If additional players have Edit Page Last Edit: April 9, - 5 years ago Once you connect your roads to the Regional Highway, your city is entwined with other claimed cities in the region.

Resources: Each resource is given a rating based on how dense it is within the city. *** indicates that the resource is abundant, no stars indicate that it is not present. City Clusters: Cities are grouped into their clusters (sub-regions). Each city cluster has a great works site. Each city cluster is connected via. I'd really like to build some great works, just to see how they work/look etc. I used Whitewater Valley because all the cites were connected but I was incre. 6 Jan The best region for Simcity 5 () would have to go to Titan Gorge. This would be the best region because most of the city locations have a lot of building space. The region also has a great selection for all types of resources. Titan Gorge is 1 of 3 regions that has space to create 16 separate cities.

Hey everyone! I'm wondering how each of you starts your region/cities: 1) When starting a new region what is the first city you build? Is it. Solved: This feature has been in every simcity that I can remember. I had hoped for more customization options this time, oh well, I guess making a region editor is too much to ask for in a Sim City game from EA. in they were saying maybe in the future we can make our own regions, well its now and still no. Yesterday I was playing the game and suddenly I got a message that the city isn't function properly. So I had to roll it back. Since it was late, I exited the game after rollback. Today in the morning, I logged in and noticed that my region had disappeared from the list. I was like I had never even created that region and the city in.


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