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Contracted phase 2 movie

Contracted: Phase II is a zombie body horror film and the sequel to the film Contracted. The movie was directed by Josh Forbes, based on a script written by Craig Walendziak, and Eric England, who wrote and directed the first film. Phase II follows the character of Riley (Matt Mercer) as he tries to find a cure for. Drama Matt Mercer in Contracted: Phase II () Marianna Palka, Clay Keller, and Ossey James in Contracted: Phase II ( Alice Macdonald in Contracted: Phase II () Matt Mercer in . This movie works well as both a sequel and a stand alone feature, so you don't have to have seen the first film to enjoy this one. 12 Jan Audience Reviews for Contracted: Phase II. The first Contracted might not have been critically acclaimed by critics, or audiences, but I thought it was a really cleverly told story. You spend the entirety of the first film wondering what exactly is happening to Samantha that's causing her to rot from the inside out.

4 Sep Clocking in at a scant 79 minutes, Contracted: Phase II does get off to a slightly rocky start: Act I is basically a complete recap of the first film, handily presented by a police detective who has finally noticed that lots of people are dropping dead from an unknown but truly ferocious disease. The middle section. 9 Sep Those who want more of the same will get it in “Contracted: Phase II.” The sequel to last year's grossout contagion horror-thriller shows all signs of having been hastily thrown together in the script department, though the execution is again competent. 4 Sep Pointless body horror sequel "Contracted: Phase II" doesn't develop its predecessor's concepts so much as it resolves all of the questions you never needed answered. It also follows all of the supporting characters from the first film that you you never needed to learn more about. Picking up where.

Contracted: Phase II movie reviews & Metacritic score: It's spreading After Contracted unleashed the world's most horrifying virus, this sequel picks. 2 Sep The zombie apocalypse continues in this sequel to the cult horror film.


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