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Zoku (俗) is Utsu-P's 3rd EP. It contains 5 tracks and features the vocals of Hatsune Miku and MAYU. The crossfade can be seen here. ABOUT PRODUCER. Utsu-P (鬱P, lit. Depression-P) is a recognized producer known for his metal VOCALOID songs. Although at the beginning his songs exclusively featured Miku, he now also uses Rin, GUMI, and flower as well. He is well known for managing VOCALOIDs to perform shouts, screams and grunts through. May 28, Español: Álbum: Zoku Artista: Gumi Megpoid, Miku Append, Rin Kagamine, Mayu (whisper chorus) Género: Metal/Rock Compositor: 鬱P feat. 赤飯 (Utsu-P feat. SEKIHAN) Categoría: CD Vocaloid Formato: MP3 Número de canciones: 5. Fecha de lanzamiento: English: Album: Zoku Artist: Megpoid.

VOCALOID CD Zoku e.p. Japan import Hatsune MIKU Utsu-P MY SONG IS SHIT 5 tracks | Music, CDs | eBay!. Visit the new and better 鬱P (Utsu-P) download site. (Press search on the right side). Downloads List: DOKU. DOLL. GALAPAGOS. P. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PxTxSxD). IDOLATRY. TEYAKI. DIARRHEA. Zoku e.p.. Traumatic. Psychodrama. ALGORITHM. Okazu. VOCALOUD VOCALOUD 01 – Breaking of the. Aug 12, Utsu-P - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Genre: Alternative Metal/Metalcore/ Vocaloid. Constipation of Death. Children's World. Adult's Toy. THE DYING MESSAGE. in the Public Lavatory's Corner. TRAUMATIC. Monkey Doesn't Know. Black Showtime. potato-head in wonderland.


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