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Elsword jp voice patch download

Elsword jp voice patch

Kurisutaru's Elsword Voice Changer on Kurisutaru's Personal Site | Kurisutaru's Elsword Voice Changer A tool that providing Voice Changing on Elsword with Ease, providing “Voice Packs” that Note: Voice Pack updated to 4 April – Code Name: Velder School Library . - Elsword Japan Sound Pack. PFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT He totally sound like a Perverted Fucked Up Alien ( Yep.)But still i cant mod the voices cuz The files keep updating over and over. title. is there a japanese patcher out there thats working?.

*Note: If you play Elsword KR, press "Patch to Game" then login at the website and launch the game. Japanese Korean English German Chinese Polish Note: Some of the voices might remain Korean and/or have no sound due to the original Elsword client not being up to date as the one you are playing. 8 Mar Will there be Elsword JP's voices on this server? Also, I've seen Mods and patcher's that changes to JP voices. But I am not sure if it's safe. , 01 PM #2 · celestrian Velder Noble. Sep ; 2, i dont think so the closest is korean voices and modding is a good way to get banned. 28 Jul 4: Test them out, go to free training to test it out, it'll work on skills, if you replaced Elsword's voice to japanese, all classes including base, will change(Some stay Korean idk why) 5: It will auto patch back to Korean voice(s) so you'll have to repeat the steps above if you want to keep using them. Fun fact.

13 Jan 1) Open up your jp voice files (should ) 2) Open up elsword NA 3) When Elsword NA loads from the patcher - > to hackshield, that is your window to input your files 4) Select your JP voice files and input them into your Elsword NA folder 5) Depending on how fast your computer is, it will overwrite. Elsword ara japanese voice patch. Click here to get file. Download elsword japanese voice patch. Add elsword, fantasy art, dark, miraculous ladybug, games , white hair, drawings. Kurisutaru s elsword voice changer. Elsword raven s japanese voice. Dfo elsword rose japanese voice mod. Elsword eve s japanese voice. 20 Aug Japanese (a fan-made voice pack. it also includes different UI sounds and some boss voice changes, UI sounds/boss voices are optional) MediaFire | Google Drive Japanese 2 (another fan-made voice uses jp elsword's voice contains some UI sound changes, UI sounds are.


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