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We were strangers 1949

Adventure · The tyrannical and despotic government of President Machado has headed Cuba for seven years. The latest measure of that tyranny is the outlawing of public gatherings of more than four See full summary». We Were Strangers is a adventure–drama film directed by John Huston and starring Jennifer Jones and John Garfield. Set in , the film concerns a group of revolutionaries attempting to overthrow the Cuban government of Gerardo Machado. The story is based loosely on an episode in Robert Sylvester's novel. Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Pedro Armendariz, Gilbert Roland, Ramon Novarro. Intense, intriguing political drama of Garfield and Jones joining with the Cuban underground in a plot to overthrow the government. Well directed by Huston; Garfield is fine, but Roland steals the film.

Feb 22, Never for a moment a dull movie, Strangers is often too facile or too far away from strict artistic honesty. Coming from the man who made Treasure of the Sierra Madre, it is a disappointment. August 18, | Full Review TIME Magazine. Top Critic. In We Were Strangers, John Huston has come up with a. 'We Were Strangers,' Starring Jennifer Jones and Garfield, Is New Feature at Astor. By BOSLEY CROWTHER APRIL 28, Machado in Cuba back in is wrought by Director John Huston into a dark, desperate melodramatic tale in his own and S. P. Eagle's "We Were Strangers," which came to the Astor yesterday. : We Were Strangers: Gilbert Roland, John Garfield, Jennifer Jones, John Huston, Sam Spiegel, S.P. Eagle, Inc. Horizon Pictures: Movies & TV. Filmed entirely in Havana, Cuba in and released in , this film is based on a true story of the Cuban underground fight against the dictatorship of Machado.

Aug 7, This is a contribution to the John Huston blogathon currently running at Adam Zanzie's Icebox Movies site. John Huston's film We Were Strangers, set in the revolutionary Cuba of and starring Jennifer Jones and John Garfield, has grown on me with repeated viewing. First time round I thought it. Feb 18, If by "influential," you mean a film with the power to alter the course of human events, then add John Huston's We Were Strangers to your short list. Never heard of it? No wonder. It's one of Hollywood's best kept secrets, and has been since it was yanked from theaters following its brief run in Finally, in.


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