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e. Purpose. e is a program that performs a number of basic 'sanity' checks on an Xray data set. It provides a quick way of determining certain idiosynchrasies of the data. Keywords and getting help. Usage instructions can be obtained by typing: % e --help. Keywords are grouped in a. Data quality assessment with e. Contents. Author(s); Purpose; Usage; How xtriage works; Output files from xtriage; Xtriage keywords in detail; Interpreting Xtriage output; Examples; Standard run of xtriage; Possible Problems ; Specific limitations and problems; Literature; Additional information; List of all. The configuration of Xtriage is much simpler than most of the other programs in the Phenix GUI; the minimum input is a reflection file and symmetry information, which for MTZ files is automatically extracted. A sequence file is helpful for calculting expected solvent content. A model file (PDB or mmCIF), if available, will be.

Users of this tutorial are encouraged to run xtriage on the other reflections files provided as well, as they contain cases such as twinning and pseudo symmetry. Again, pointers to these datasets should be available on the previous page. It is assumed that you have installed a phenix version d4 or higher. e file= obs_labels='F(+),SIGF(+),F(-),SIGF(-)' In order to perform a Matthews analyses, it might be usefull to specify the number of residues/nucleotides in the crystalized macromolecule: e n_residues= n_bases= By default, the screen output plus additional ccp4 . Mar 25, X-dVal: X-ray Data Validation. e / Matthew's Coefficient / Twinning Detection / CRYST Record analysis. This server uses software developed by the Phenix project, specifically the e program, and software developed in our lab. SAVES | [XdVal] | MTZdump | Ramachandran Plot.


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